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moe attempt by risarae
moe attempt
if i worked on this any longer i wouldve died from boredom. :iconimsotiredcryplz: agh her face hurts my eyes its so cutesy loll

idk this is really old but since it was almost kinda done i was like 'why not' and reworked it a bit. this was supposed to be a pretty major character in one of my serious stories but i don't think she would look like this at all really the more i looked at it. plus her face is really annoying to look at lol though i guess making her a little obnoxiously cute would be interesting. but yeah this was supposed to be an oc but it doesn't really look like how i had imagined it would so i guess shes just a random moe girl now. oh well i guess its nice to get some practice in every now and then lmao but that aside i really liked the coloring work i did on this so i thought it was worth it to share. i think i'm definitely improving. :iconclassysipplz: the power of using layers tho..

(also i think i outdid myself with that background. you can tell i really tried this time since this one has stripes in it :iconpedo-teddieplz:)
the girls by risarae
the girls
youre gonna see me posting from this story a lot. these are the female characters from a chef story i have planned. theres another girl i didn't draw but i always forget about her when im brainstorming for some reason. :v anyways  yeah i'll get to posting the male characters from this idea soon enough cause im really obsessed with this idea atm. its like i finally found an idea that combines all my favorite things into one really fun sol. x) so yeah look out for more posts from this idea in the future, its really fun for me to keep expanding on.
mc bestie by risarae
mc bestie
i just realized i cant keep titling my works like this. these people need NAMES. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

this is pretty much just a digital art practice work i wanted to put up. its based off this drawing i did 3 years ago and i pretty much drew over it, well mainly redrew the whole thing except the eyes, which i only made smaller. :v

its really late so i'll do it later but i'll post a link to the picture sometime soon. the difference is really....something lol.

yeah this is hella basic but i figured i could maybe do a headshot series of these? idk this is just the first really neat/clean digital art i've done and i was just really proud ok. ah and this is the basketball character i posted a full body of like a year back. :'D I think he finally has a place now. he's gonna be the main characters best friend. :DD i did a lot of thinking for it and i like how that ideas shaping up so i think i'll stick with it. theres more to his character but i dont wanna get in depth. just the basis of his character is good enough. oh yea and he's slightly dense. x3 just a little.

anyways hooray im posting more often. :iconadachimurdersplz:
da shounen crew by risarae
da shounen crew
really old drawing i meant to post months ago but i never got around to cleaning the scan a bit. my arts gotten a lot better since i think but i still like it. :3 these are the main characters of a shounen i've been working on for a while (i think i posted a picture or two of some of these characters on here a while ago) anyways yeah these next couple of days im just gonna be spamming my account with things i've worked on this break so uh look forward to it :v
ah yeah the two guys are supposed to be twins :v i hope they look enough like it
Mikorin~ by risarae
i haven't completed a digital piece in like 32 years lmao. this (along with a birthday card i recently finished for a friend) I hope are the first of many i'll be posting in the near future. :) I'm kinda getting the hang of it now!

oh yeah and this is one of my new anime sons mikorin~ ahhh i love him so much he's adorable ( ´∀`)i found this show randomly through tumblr and thank god i did. its been one of my favorite shows this season. anyone who hasnt watched it should definitely check it out. its one of the best comedy animes i've seen. Its a little reminiscent of school rumble in a way, where its a romantic comedy but mostly comedy. 
Loading... a whole year without posting anything awkwardly went by...

im not in the best of moods right now and overall this has probably been the most stressful, emotionally straining year i've been through...but i felt it best to make a post right now. since the school year has officially ended for me today. and it also officially starts the period where i hope to turn a complete 180 in my life 

this year...was supposed to go a lot differently. much much differently. i had high hopes and expectations...optimism. sigh...but then shit happened and it gradually snowballed into this huge mess. and there are a lot of things i regret not doing this year. I want to make up some of that lost time this summer. my optimism i still have thankfully so hopefully in maybe like a month from now i can update this with some of the progress i've made. :) and drawings LOL its been so long im sorry.

i'll bounce back. i told myself i wouldnt waste time this summer and im holding on to my word. so even though this is the summer where there will be like 15 shows i really wanted to watch, its not just gonna be about that lol. this is the summer before my senior year so i have to get myself straight and know what i want to achieve in the future. things i want to sign up for, colleges i want to apply for, SATS.... -_- this wont be as relaxing as the other breaks i've had.

despite a bunch of stuff i'll need to get done this break im aiming to post at least twice a week things that i've finished (i have a lot of things i finished a while ago that i never posted so i hope i can put up a few tonight) . i'll be keeping busy for a while. :)

this is definitely my most depressing journal so far lol but i'll make sure the next update is much more cheery. so until later~ :rabbit-kunplz:
  • Mood: Remorse
  • Listening to: Childish Gambino - Flight of the Navigator
  • Reading: i guess summer books when i get them...sat stuff..
  • Watching: not enough space for this lol free! is one though


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happy birthday :heart:
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ah this is a late reply but thank you! x) we haven't talked in so long but i appreciate it!
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Thank you for joining the group :iconharuka-x-rin: Home to people who love this pairing! :heart: :iconharukananaseplz::iconrinmatsuokaplz: :heart:


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But other than that I hope you enjoy your stay! :boogie: :w00t:

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hey friend, see my new drawing :)
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No problem. ^^ Spike is one of my favorite anime characters and I thought you got his look down perfectly. x)
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thank you for the fave, wife~! <3
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Ahaha, hi again~! Thanks for the watch, and I hope you feel better! :icontouchplz:
risarae Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
You're welcome. ^-^ and thanks for being concerned. I've actually been feeling a lot better since then. :) Its pretty much reduced to just a slight runny nose every now and then but other than that I've been feeling ok. The weather has been changing way too much lately <.< You live in nyc too right? I'm sure you understand what I mean. x(
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