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The Magic Revisted by risarae
The Magic Revisted
I used to be obsessed with this series growing up so I wanted to pay a little homage to it. Basically Manga Sabrina #58 cover redrawn

Still wish the republished issues came in color tho
takin a stroll by risarae
takin a stroll
..sideways :iconimsotiredplz: (notice i added planes to give the illusion he's standing upright. :') )

just the main character from my chef story. I wanna try doing one of those chara design sheets animes do with each of my chef characters so i wont go  in-depth on his character here. hopefully by wednesday i'll have my first one posted. 
chefs by risarae
i worked so hard on this omf :iconkanjipunksplz:

ok im really happy with the outcome. :D as always it could be better but for just getting my ocs down on paper they came out pretty satisfying. i think i figured out why sketchings been so hard for me all the time. i kinda have to look at it collectively like when i paint instead of individually cause then things like this take FOREVER for me to do. when i just let it come to me and i have that different view to it it makes things a lot easier.

so yeah i think i'll be able to put up more art stuff at a constant rate in the future. :D im slowly building my confidence back from when it felt for a while i couldnt draw ANYTHING. and i think the illustration class im taking right now in school might also have to do w/ it since im learning how to neatly complete big projects from the pencil work all the way to the inking/coloring.  :iconjunesplz:

but back to the picture this is another sketch of the chef idea thing i have introducing ALL OF THE MAIN (male :v)CHARACTERS. :D well except for the guy on the top right; i originally drew him just to close up the space but then i realized his design could be the younger brother of the 24 yr old guy at the bottom that i was thinking about. lmao i actually kinda forgot about the idea till i drew him so im glad i did and it came back to me. he's not a chef but he'll visit the guys at some point later on i guess. i have like maybe 15 or so story ideas in total but for the past couple of months this is the story that monopolizes my thoughts most of the time. its just really fun to plan out and i enjoy how diverse and wide spread im able to make it since they basically travel the world throughout the story to different locations. I hope i can share more of them on here (and basically all of my other characters from other stories now that im finally starting to understand the art of sketching lmfao). i plan to draw all of them individually so i can talk about each character in more detail but for now you at least know their approxiamate ages since i could never decide on it for the longest time lol. also the guy in the middle is the main character, which is why i drew him several times though its probably hard to notice cause my art style is so INCONSISTENT lol. the story jumps focus to different characters and relationships but its mainly told from his perspective. :)
Loading... a whole year without posting anything awkwardly went by...

im not in the best of moods right now and overall this has probably been the most stressful, emotionally straining year i've been through...but i felt it best to make a post right now. since the school year has officially ended for me today. and it also officially starts the period where i hope to turn a complete 180 in my life 

this year...was supposed to go a lot differently. much much differently. i had high hopes and expectations...optimism. sigh...but then shit happened and it gradually snowballed into this huge mess. and there are a lot of things i regret not doing this year. I want to make up some of that lost time this summer. my optimism i still have thankfully so hopefully in maybe like a month from now i can update this with some of the progress i've made. :) and drawings LOL its been so long im sorry.

i'll bounce back. i told myself i wouldnt waste time this summer and im holding on to my word. so even though this is the summer where there will be like 15 shows i really wanted to watch, its not just gonna be about that lol. this is the summer before my senior year so i have to get myself straight and know what i want to achieve in the future. things i want to sign up for, colleges i want to apply for, SATS.... -_- this wont be as relaxing as the other breaks i've had.

despite a bunch of stuff i'll need to get done this break im aiming to post at least twice a week things that i've finished (i have a lot of things i finished a while ago that i never posted so i hope i can put up a few tonight) . i'll be keeping busy for a while. :)

this is definitely my most depressing journal so far lol but i'll make sure the next update is much more cheery. so until later~ :rabbit-kunplz:
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  • Listening to: Childish Gambino - Flight of the Navigator
  • Reading: i guess summer books when i get them...sat stuff..
  • Watching: not enough space for this lol free! is one though


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happy birthday :heart:
risarae Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
ah this is a late reply but thank you! x) we haven't talked in so long but i appreciate it!
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Thank you for joining the group :iconharuka-x-rin: Home to people who love this pairing! :heart: :iconharukananaseplz::iconrinmatsuokaplz: :heart:


Feel free to start adding any relevant artworks you have to the group if you or I haven’t already done so and check out if there are any contest that you could enter/vote when the time comes! :heart:


But other than that I hope you enjoy your stay! :boogie: :w00t:

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hey friend, see my new drawing :)
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Thanks for faving South Park Spike Spiegel! :D
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No problem. ^^ Spike is one of my favorite anime characters and I thought you got his look down perfectly. x)
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thank you for the fave, wife~! <3
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Ahaha, hi again~! Thanks for the watch, and I hope you feel better! :icontouchplz:
risarae Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
You're welcome. ^-^ and thanks for being concerned. I've actually been feeling a lot better since then. :) Its pretty much reduced to just a slight runny nose every now and then but other than that I've been feeling ok. The weather has been changing way too much lately <.< You live in nyc too right? I'm sure you understand what I mean. x(
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